FAYTANAR Ceramics began as a small factory situated by an old Moorish irrigation canal of the same name.

           This manufacture is dedicated to the reproduction of the old Spanish pottery, and especially to the antique ceramic founded by the count of Aranda which was one of the most important of the 18th century. With the disappearance of this factory, FAYTANAR continued with the tradition and splendor by acquiring in 1927 many of the original and antique molds.

           Every single piece produced by FAYTANAR follows the same crafting process zealously followed over the last three centuries.

           The clay is hand-kneaded and naturally dried, using special glazes. The hand-painting of the untreated varnish and the second firing give the FAYTANAR designs their special exquisite texture and prestige they have won in the world of ceramics.

           As all pieces are made by this traditional process, production is limited and they are all guaranteed the same quality.

           FAYTANAR Ceramics have gained international recognition and are found in museums, private collections, and Royal Houses around the world.